Refer a Candidate

Know someone great? Help us find our next teacher or leader and get paid for doing it.

At Touchstone Education, we know that our students’ success depends on having terrific teachers and leaders in our schools. We also know that our best teachers will come through the networks of our teachers and supporters.  As a result, we are launching a program to reward people who help us connect with them.

How It Works

Know someone who might be a great match for a position at one of our schools? Refer them for a job at our organization. If we hire them, we’ll send you a finders award based upon their position. (You can learn more about these positions here.) All referrals will receive our hearty thanks. If your referred candidate ends up joining our team, we’ll contact you and send a check within 60 days after the start of their employment.

Candidate Referred Award
Teacher $5,000
Dean of Culture $5,000
School Leader $5,000

Make a Referral

  • Read all the guidelines and rules at the bottom of this page to make sure your referral will meet our eligibility criteria.
  • Get permission of the person you want to refer and make sure he/she is receptive if we reach out and use your name.
  • Submit your referral via the form below.
    Your Name: *
    Your E-mail: *
    Candidate's name and email: *
    How do you know this candidate? Briefly, why do you think this person is a good fit for Touchstone Education?: *

The Fine Print: Referral Guidelines and Rules

  • The program is open to all Touchstone Education employees and non-employees, with the following restrictions (these individuals are precluded from the Program either due to age or potential conflicts of interest):  Anyone under the age of 18; Touchstone Education school leaders and their immediate families; Touchstone Education recruitment staff, central office and school board members, and their immediate families; Professional recruiters or members of school staffing organization (including current Teach for America staff), and their immediate families.
  • You may not refer yourself to receive an award or split the referral money with a hired candidate.
  • The referral must be submitted electronically on the school website before the candidate applies. Any referrals made verbally, through email, through phone contact, or through any other means will not qualify for the bonus. Any referrals made after the application do not qualify.
  • Your referral must apply, indicate your full name in the section titled “Who referred you for this position?”, be hired, and complete 20 days of service.
  • The referral program is intended to connect us with people we would not otherwise have found by making the first introduction. We will review each referral form submitted and reserve the right to let you know if we have already been connected to your referral, thereby making you ineligible for the award.
  • If more than one person refers a candidate, the award will be given to the referral submitted first, as denoted by date/time of filing of the referral form.
  • You may refer as many people as you like under this program.
  • Awards are taxable income; if you qualify for an award you must agree to fill out a W-9 form prior to receiving the money.